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O lado nocivo do puro altruísmo

Quase todos concordam que o egoísmo tem lados benéficos e prejudiciais, porém quando se fala de altruísmo é comum pensar-se que só algo de positivo poderá resultar. Um dado comportamento…

Aquilo que somos

Aquilo que somos, os “linces” que defendemos Tal como o lince – símbolo presente na nossa bandeira – assim o nosso povo europeu se encontra gravemente ameaçado de extinção: uma…

Welcome to, the official website of Escudo Identitario. Here you can find a listing of articles, programs and events related to metapolitical combat, social help and the promotion of culture. 

Who are we?

Escudo was born as a warcry against defeatism and sorrow.
Defeatism which is growing in a world without heroism, without energy, without will and without dreams. A world moved by the fluctuation of stocks and closed door conspiracies developed far from the public and the common good.
The renouncing of a Portuguese identity, the abdication of our values and our sovereignty. The surrender to the "larger interests"of economic powers.
Today the left and the right are no more than emotional categories that perpetuate the illusion of alternative.
Escudo places itself above the petty party fights of the Portuguese 3rd republic since it is not an option to be a mere alternative.



Here you can find information about all our activities.


To defend the future means altering the present political culture along with its vices and obsolencies. 



Participating in society means helping our most vulnerable members. To be part of Escudo is to be a helpful citzen.



Mens sana in corpore sano. Physical well-being and fitness is one of the corner-stones of our movement.


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